Raising Healthy Native Youth

Through Culturally Relevant Health Education


HealthyNativeYouth.org contains health promotion curricula and resources for American Indian and Alaska Native youth. The curricula housed on our site promote positive youth development, embrace cultural teachings, and demonstrate evidence of effectiveness.

This site is designed for tribal health educators, teachers, and parents.

Get Tools From Our Implementation Toolbox

As a member of your community, you already know a lot about what your community needs to better support youth. Other members of your community – like youth, parents, teachers, youth advocates and school counselors – also have important perspectives and are vital decision-makers and champions when you select and implement a health ed curriculum.

The steps and tools in the Implementation Toolbox will help walk you through important phases in the planning process with ready-to-go templates, tips, examples, and words of encouragement.

Our Community of Practice

As a community, we gather once a month to share our strengths and knowledge to improve the lives of Native youth. CoP calls are open to everyone: tribal health educators, teachers, parents, prevention specialists, and people who share a commitment for improving the lives of Native youth.


Find a Curriculum or Stand-Alone Lesson

Health curricula must be age-appropriate, culturally-relevant, and reflect the values and learning styles of the learners being taught. Healthy Native Youth makes it easier to find effective health curricula for American Indian and Alaska Native youth.

Click on the program name to learn more about each curriculum. Many include recorded videos and webinars to help prepare educators to facilitate each program. There are also lesson plans, handouts, and supplemental materials to go along with each curriculum.

Every program on our site was designed or adapted for AI/AN youth and all were evaluated by tribal community members.

Get Adults Talking with Talking is Power



Sign up and receive skill-building videos and links to help caring adults talk with youth about mental health, tips for modeling self-care, and connecting youth to mental health resources when needed. Hear inspirational messages from Indigenous relatives, so you know you’re not alone.

Inspiration from the community

“Healthy Native Youth helped me with planning for Native students to be informed of the culture that is around them. There are many great ideas for working with students that were shared with curricula, resources and tools. It is these tools that will enable me to implement within our programs. I love that elders are also being included in the learning and teaching process for the communities! Thank you all for your input that will assist me in the coming months.

Lastly, I have attended a HNY training in Portland, OR. The staff is tremendous! The programs offered are excellent! I will continue to be a part of the Communities of Practice being offered too!” – Debra Keats, Yerrington Paiute of Nevada