OVERVIEW: Sustain and grow your program

Goal: Reflect on what works, what can change, and what you are learning as you go on this journey. Use this knowledge to grow and to keep the momentum going.

Congratulations! You have implemented your program and you have learned quite a bit on the journey. You are now in the GROW phase. Take some time to think about how you will grow with the program and how you want to keep the momentum going. Reach out and collaborate with other youth programs. Document your experiences and plan to build upon them in the next round of implementation. Share the lessons you learned with your youth and your community. Celebrate the wins! Above all, keep cultivating relationships and find ways to stay connected beyond programming.

Grow Phase Steps

Get support: Collaborate with other youth programs

  1. Grow with your program
  2. Share successes and lessons learned
  3. Keep the momentum going

Youth voice: Stay connected beyond programming