OVERVIEW: Implement your program and celebrate the journey.

Goal: Deliver the program with confidence! Track the experience as you go. Explore technical resources and celebrate participants throughout the program.

You are ready for implementation! Deliver your program with confidence – you have done the research, put in the work, and now it is time to bring it to life. All of your preparation and planning should make the IMPLEMENT phase easier and more straightforward. During this phase of the process, learn what works for you and your students. Track your implementation journey and take notes on the adaptations and adjustments you make. Collect feedback to assess student learning and talk with them about their experience. You and the youth participants are putting in a lot of good work – be sure to celebrate together as you progress through the program.

Implement Phase Steps

Get support: Explore technical assistance and resource supports

  1. Implement your program with confidence!
  2. Track your implementation journey
  3. Assess student learning and experiences

Youth voice: Celebrate the youth