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Name Age Program Setting Duration Cost Student/Teacher Ratio Certification Required Evidence of Effectiveness Endorsement
Gender Matters for Native Youth (GEN-M Native) High School Flexible 20 hour workshop Free 1:15 No Emerging Practice Office of Adolescent Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Healing of the Canoe High School, Flexible, No set length - for example it could be used over a weekend or over an entire school year. Free 10:2 No Tribal Best Practice, Promising Practice, N/A, ,
Multimedia Circle of Life (mCOL) Middle School Flexible 7 online lessons @ 20 min each + 7 group lessons @ 45 min each Free 15:1 No Leading Practice Office of Minority Health
Native It's Your Game Middle School Flexible 13 lessons (30-50 minutes each) Free Any No Promising Practice It’s Your Game…Keep It Real is recognized as a Tier 1 intervention by TPP and by What Works 2010.
Native STAND High School Flexible 27 sessions (90 minutes each) Free (plus cost of materials for class activities, roughly $500) 20:2 No Leading Practice N/A,
Native VOICES High School,Young Adults Flexible 1 lesson at 35 minutes; 1 lesson at 75 minutes; or 5 lessons at 60 minutes apiece Free Up to 75:1 No Best Practice CDC’s HIV Effective Interventions,
Responding to Concerning Posts on Social Media Middle School,High School,Young Adults Flexible 1, 1-hour webinar Free 40:1 No Promising Practice N/A,
Safe in the Village High School Flexible The SITV movie runs 35 min. and the supplemental actor interviews are 25 min. The estimated program duration is 3 hours which includes time for watching the movie and interviews and holding group discussions. The program could be broken into two 1-1.5 hour sessions: session 1 movie/group discussion, session 2 actor interviews/group discussion. Free 20:1 No Emerging Practice N/A,
We R Native Teacher's Guide High School Flexible 10 lessons, 50 minutes each Free 20:1 No Emerging Practice Approved for use as a Tribal PREP curricula