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About This Program

Updated: 08/20/2018

Get your students actively involved in their own health and wellbeing! We R Native has created a guide for using We R Native's multimedia health resources with students 13-18 years old. The guide's 10 lessons align to common core standards. Students will be able to evaluate and support claims while analyzing an online health resource, and will demonstrate their understanding of health topics by designing a community service project.

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High School

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10 lessons, 50 minutes each

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Aligns with Common Core Standards. Deemed medically-accurate by DHHS FYSB

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Emerging Practice


Approved for use as a Tribal PREP curricula

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No training is required to implement the guide. If you are interested in training, we recommend contacting Nicole Trevino, who has developed a 3-day training [email: [email protected], website:, phone: 512-827-7101]. She also has spiral bound copies of the curriculum that can be ordered at-cost through Nicole.


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Cultural Relevance

Cultural Alignment, Adaptation or Tailoring Process

The We R Native Curriculum was first develop by the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB) as part of a multimedia health resource for Native teens and young adults. The We R Native program includes a text messaging service, social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube), a website, monthly contests, community service grants, an online Q&A resource (Ask Auntie) and this curriculum.

The current version was adapted by the Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan (ITCM) to provide access to vital health information to youth in Michigan. The combination of contributions by NPAIHB and ITCM provide an educational resource for young people that incorporates connection to culture as a protective factor, while covering vital information about suicide prevention, mental health, sexual health, dating and relationships, drug and alcohol use and bullying. Throughout the curriculum, youth are building skills in evaluating the quality of information on health topics to increase their health literacy skills. The curriculum concludes with a call to action and support for youth participants to take action and make a difference in their own communities.

The curriculum is designed to use in partnership with the other We R Native resources. Encourage students to sign up for the text messaging line, send questions to Ask Auntie, and engage in the social media pages! This will enhance their learning and create more exciting opportunities to access health information.

The curriculum has also been reviewed for medical accuracy as part of the Tribal Prep Program within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Family and Youth Services Bureau.



Evaluation Methods and Findings

The expanded We R Native Teacher's Guide will be evaluated by the Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan (ITCM), as a Tribal PREP grantee, from 2018-2020.

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