Resources for Parents & Caring Adults: Talking is Power!

  • Join Talking is Power: a Text Messaging Service for parents and caring adults, that shares “How to Talk to Youth About Sexual Health.”
  • Text “EMPOWER” to 97779 to get started!
  • Access all of the campaign’s tips and tools HERE.

Resource for Youth: Caring Messages

  • The Caring Text Messaging Campaign is comprised of messages from people who care and they can help youth during hard times. We all can get down and feel like no one understands what we’re going through. One of the great things about being Native, is that we are all connected and can have each other’s back.
  • Text “CARING’’ to 65664 to receive regular reminders about how awesome you are from people who care!
  • Check out our two different postcards and choose one or both for your youth audience! Post Card 1, Post Card 2

Websites for Youth

Resources for Two Spirit and LGBTQ Youth

  • Celebrating Our Magic Toolkit is a culturally-specific resource for AI/AN communities and aims to provide resources for transgender and Two-Spirit youth, their relatives, and their healthcare providers.
  • The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board has a Two Spirit and LGBTQ Health page that contains resources for youth, clinic providers, and allies.
  • Text LGBTQ2S to 97779 to receive resources via text message.
  • Order Indigenizing Love: A Toolkit for Native Youth to Build Inclusion, by the Western States Center.
  • Video 1 | Identity – Dr. Bell (Cherokee), a pediatrician in Seattle, digs into sexual and gender identity.
  • Video 2 | Internal & External Identity – Dr. Bell (Cherokee), a pediatrician in Seattle, talks about the important role that our internal and external identities play into how we are perceived and what happens when those identities do not match.
  • Video 3 | Terminology – Dr. Bell (Cherokee), a pediatrician in Seattle, digs into the terminology used for sexual and gender identity.
  • Video 4 | Ways to Support People’s Identities – Dr. Bell (Cherokee), a pediatrician in Seattle, digs into ways you can support people’s identities, including their sexual and gender identity.
  • 2SLGBTQ Resource Sheet
  • 2SLGBTQ Community Readiness Survey A tool to successfully integrate the voice, expertise, and resources from all community members to improve the health and well-being of our 2SLGBTQ youth.

Tips and Tools for Educators

Websites for Educators

Videos and Webinars

Social Marketing Campaigns

To develop health promotion messages that resonate with AI/AN youth, the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board uses social marketing, an evidence-based planning process that improves the impact of health promotion messages. The model uses formative research to identify priority populations, segment the community into distinct audiences, pretest materials with the audience, and then monitors the campaign to assess its effectiveness.

We’ve used this community-driven process to design social marketing campaigns addressing health topics important to AI/AN communities, including:

  • Native. Tested. Proud: Encourages routine HIV testing for everyone 13-64 years old.
  • Native. LGBT. Proud: Is designed to reduce stigma and promote HIV testing among AI/AN Two Spirit and LGBTQ community members.
  • I Strengthen My Nation: Empowers Native youth to resist drugs and alcohol.
  • We Are Connected. We Need You Here: Provides hope to those thinking about suicide and shows there are people around them who can help.
  • Community is the Healer that Breaks the Silence: Encourages families to identify suicide warning signs.
  • Stand Up, Stand Strong: Empowers communities to stand up against bullying.
  • My Body, Mind, and Spirit are Sacred: Is designed to address and prevent sexual assault.
  • What is Done to One is Felt by All: Is designed to prevention family maltreatment, including child abuse, elder abuse, and intimate partner violence.

The Suicide Prevention Resource Center developed a video series on strategic communication planning for suicide prevention. This series includes five-minute webinar clips that feature expert advice on developing a communication plan, understanding your audience, and evaluating your efforts. Speakers include Stephanie Craig Rushing, Project Director at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, on how We R Native engages tribal youth to develop suicide prevention messaging. Visit: