About These Activities

The Healthy Native Youth Stand-Alone Lessons pull from several evaluated health resources on the site, including: Native It’s Your Game, We R Native Facilitators Guide, Native STAND, Native VOICES, and Responding to Concerning Posts on Social Media, while other activity guides have been created from scratch. These tools can be used to connect youth to culture as a protective factor, while covering vital information about sexual health, mental health, personal development and rule-setting, identity, dating and relationships, drug and alcohol use, suicide prevention, internet safety, and bullying.

As health educators, we respect curriculum design and pedagogy and encourage you to select a health curriculum that works for you and your site, implementing it from start to finish. We recognize that listening to, focusing on, and incorporating community needs and values into existing programming can also be an effective way to build youths’ knowledge and skills. The activities provided here are considered ‘enhancement activities’ to broaden existing programming, based on your community’s needs.


  1. Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs – Online Version (Ages: Middle School, High School): IKM Online Manual, Online Lesson PPT
  2. Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs – Offline Version (Ages: Middle School, High School): IKM Offline Manual, Offline Lesson PPT
  3. Alcohol and Drug Misuse (Ages: Middle School, High School): Drugs & Alcohol Activity Guide
  4. Bingo Data Collection (Ages: All): Bingo Data Collection Activity Guide
  5. Bullying (Ages: Middle School, High School): Bullying. Stand Up. Stand Strong! Activity Guide
  6. Concerning Posts on Social Media: Concerning Posts – Mind 4 Health Activity Guide
  7. Condom Demonstration: Video | Dental Dam Demonstration: Video
  8. Consent and Dating Violence (Ages: High School): Native STAND 2.0 – Relationships Part 2
  9. Cultural Identity (Ages: High School): Native STAND 2.0 – Culture and Tradition
  10. Healthy Relationships (Ages: High School): Native STAND 2.0 – Relationships Part 1
  11. Help Seeking Strategies: Help Seeking Activity Guide
  12. HIV/AIDS (Ages: Middle School, High School): Native STAND 2.0 HIV/AIDS, NIYG 2.0 About Testing Handout
  13. Holistic Health Checklist: Holistic Health Checklist
  14. Ice Breakers (Ages: All): Icebreakers
  15. Indigenous Leadership Skill Building (Ages: Middle School, High School): Indigenous Leaders
  16. Two Spirit, LGBTQ and Sexual Identity: Indigenizing+Love+Toolkit+Youth
  17. Media Literacy: Media Literacy with We R Native, Common Sense Media
  18. Mindfulness: Circle of Trust
  19. Mindfulness: Feelings Pie Chart
  20. Native Fitness (Ages: All): Indigenous Youth Fitness Activity Guide
  21. Public Health 101 and Internship Activity Ideas:
  22. Reducing Risky Sexual Behaviors (Ages: Middle School, High School): Native STAND 2.0 – Safe Snagging
  23. Self Care for Youth: Self Care Plan for Youth
  24. Self Care for Elders & Adults: Self Care Plan for Elders & Adults
  25. Sex Trafficking Safety and MMIR (Ages: High School, Young Adult): Coming Soon
  26. STIs: Native STAND 2.0 STIs, NIYG 2.0 STIs Handout
  27. Tobacco Prevention: Sacred Circle of Tobacco
  28. Traditional Foods – Salish (Ages: All): Cedar-Box-Teaching-Toolkit

Other Educational Resources