Where do I start?

  • gatherGather

    Get support: Connect with community members for guidance and feedback. Learn more

    Gather input on youth interests and health priorities. Learn more

    Identify your community needs and resources. Learn more

    Select your program setting. Learn more

    Youth voice: Gather input from youth and program participants. Learn more

  • chooseChoose

    Get support: Identify decision makers. Learn more

    Choose which criteria are most critical to your program. Learn more

    Select a program that aligns with your goals. Learn more

    Get approval if needed. Learn more

    Youth voice: Seek input from youth and community. Learn more

  • preparePrepare

    Get support: Invite guest speakers and attend Community of Practice sessions. Learn more

    Prepare an implementation action plan that includes self-care. Learn more

    Order supplies, teaching tools, and incentives. Learn more

    Practice going through the curriculum & activities. Learn more

    Youth voice: Recruit caregivers, youth, and allies. Learn more

  • implementImplement

    Get support: Explore technical assistance and resource supports. Learn more

    Implement your program with confidence!. Learn more

    Track your implementation journey. Learn more

    Assess student learning and experiences. Learn more

    Youth voice: Celebrate the youth. Learn more

  • growGrow

    Get support: Collaborate with other youth programs. Learn more

    Grow with your program. Learn more

    Share successes and lessons learned. Learn more

    Keep the momentum going. Learn more

    Youth voice: Stay connected beyond programming. Learn more

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Indigi-Icon Legend

Indigenous people traditionally harvest, hunt, gather and grow the Native foods and traditional medicine that nourished our ancestors and sustain us today. These activities are represented in the phases and tools included in the Toolbox:

Gather | Basket

Baskets have been created for multipurpose use. The basket symbolizes community coming together to gather feedback and stakeholder support.

Choose | Berries

Traditionally, communities came together to seasonally harvest berries. Berries symbolizes choosing a culturally-relevant curriculum as a source of nourishment.

Prepare | Cedar

A cedar tree is a multipurpose wisdom keeper. The branch symbolizes medicine to prepare and plan for program delivery in the community. 

Implement | Water

Water is life and a river is a power source. The water symbolizes program implementation with movement, positive flow and energy.

Grow | Tree

A tree is as strong as its roots. The tree symbolizes wisdom, cultural connection and community growth.

Tool | Knife

The Uluaq is an Alaska Native all-purpose tool used to prepare food. The knife symbolizes the tool to get ready for implementation.