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Spark Trainings

Adolescent Health Spark Trainings are free, ready-to-use, and include a PowerPoint presentation, a facilitator script, and follow-up materials. They are designed for providers or staff to deliver in 15-30 minutes at staff meetings or professional development opportunities. Sparks can be ...

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NPAIHB: Social Marketing Campaigns

To develop health promotion messages that resonate with AI/AN youth, the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board uses social marketing, an evidence-based planning process that improves the impact of health promotion messages. The model uses formative research to identify priority ...

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Native. Tested. Proud

Encourages routine HIV testing for everyone 13-64 years old.

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Veterans Caring Messages

Join Veterans Caring Messages: a Text Messaging Service for Native Vets. Veterans who sign up will receive 1-2 messages a week. The messages were designed by fellow Veterans and include messages of hope and caring with a mix of resources, videos, and ...