Resources for Parents and Caring Adults: Mind4Health

*Trigger Warning: Mind4Health shares tips and examples that depict caring adults and youth talking about suicide.

Nurturing Conversations to Build Mental Health

Mind4Health includes two main parts which are the:

  1. A text message series.
  2. An online training, which focuses on you identifying yourself as an Askable adult and having the supported space to practice and plan how you will support youth when they see or post concerning messages. Find the training by clicking here.

To join, text “Mind4Health” to 65664. Messages include skill-building videos and links to help caring adults talk with youth about mental health, share tips for modeling self-care, and connect youth to mental health resources when needed. Throughout the series, we’ll share inspirational messages from Indigenous relatives, so you know you’re not alone.


Continue Growing & Get Additional Training:


Are you an educator? Check out the mental health wellness activities you can use with your student on the HNY Stand-Alone Lessons page.

Scan the QR Code using your phone for Native Youth Support Resources