OVERVIEW: Gather your community to get guidance and feedback

Goal: Connect with community members who understand and care about adolescent health priorities. Gather to identify youth interests and health priorities, as well as your community’s resources and needs. Choose a setting to deliver the program.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! In the GATHER phase of the process, connect with community members to identify the health priorities and interests of youth in your program. One way to do that is by completing a community needs and resource assessment. It is helpful to do this early in the planning process, because it can inform everything you do along the way. This phase shouldn’t be a major research effort! By gathering feedback or asking questions, you will be collecting valuable information and building partnerships that will help your program succeed.

Gather Phase Steps

Get support: connect with community members for guidance and feedback

  1. Gather input on youth interests and health priorities
  2. Identify your community needs and resources
  3. Select your program setting

Youth voice: Gather input from youth and program participants