OVERVIEW: Start making preparations for your program – gather supplies, order materials, and preview the lessons

Goal: Create a plan to implement the curriculum in your school or community setting. Start reading through your program of choice and begin ordering materials for activities and incentives.

Now that you have chosen a program, you can prepare for success! In the PREPARE phase you are going to draft an implementation action plan. Reach out to potential guest speakers who can lend their knowledge and connect with the youth. Start ordering supplies, teaching tools, and incentives – make this program work for you! Practice going through the curriculum and try to anticipate any hurdles you might run into. Consider any possible logistical challenges. How will you handle them? How will you start recruiting participants? Reach out to caregivers, youth, and other community allies.

Prepare Phase Steps

Get support: Invite guest speakers and attend Community of Practice sessions

  1. Prepare an implementation action plan that includes self-care
  2. Order supplies, teaching tools, and incentives
  3. Practice going through the curriculum & activities

Youth voice: Recruit caregivers, youth, and allies